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Our partners

The Thuringian Palaces and Gardens Trust was founded in 1994 and was commissioned to maintain and the monuments of Thuringia and make them accessible for the public. Since then, 31 castles, fortresses as well as parks and monasteries have been in the care of the Foundation, whose headquarters are at Heidecksburg palace in Rudolstadt.

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Since 1996, the "Förderverein Schloss Schwarzburg e.V.", which counts about 190 members, has supported the Schwarzburg palace complex with intensive voluntary work and donations. The association also played a major role in the reopening of the Princely Armoury, as they helped starting the project with donations.

Click here for the website of the "Förderverein Schloss Schwarzburg e.V.".

The princely worlds of Schwarzburg palace are part of the museum network of the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg. An overview of the complete network and the individual houses and collections can be found here.


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